Bert Janssen - author, adventurer and flamboyant storyteller

"A life changing event has made me realize that our surrounding
reality is fooling us. The world we live in, turns out to be
hugely vaster than we perceive and observe on a day to day basis.

This observation made me start a journey that so far has led me into
the mysterious realms of quantum physics, Gothic cathedrals,
crop circles, Inka shamanism, Carl Gustav Jung, ancient sacred sites,
remote viewing and many other mind teasing areas. All fascinating
worlds saturated with hidden wisdom and forgotten knowledge,
impatiently waiting to be discovered and uncovered.

I invite you to walk side by side with me in order to unravel the tapestry of these
intriguing magical and mystical worlds. I promise that once the cascading chain
of discoveries is ignited within you, your quest for truth will become unstoppable."

- Bert Janssen

Bert Janssen journeys all around the globe studying the great mysteries of our time and sharing his findings through his books, films and his awe-inspiring and sparkling story telling performances filled with dynamite, drama, surprises and much, much more. While circling the four directions of the outer world and the four corners of the inner world, he keeps coming across unexpected knowledge and wisdom. Bit by bit that which obscures the fundamental truths disappears, unveiling the how’s and especially the why’s of our reality.

During your own quest you will run many times into what appears to be unexplainable.
At those moments some illuminating light will come in very handy, so...

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