Early Reflections on Crop Circles
These pages contain my early work on crop circle geometry and crop circle reconstructions.
My later work can be found on my website Crop Circles and More

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Crop Circle Reconstructions - Winterbourne Bassett, England 1997

  Start off with the basic pattern and construct within this pattern an equilateral triangle as shown in the diagram.


Now construct a circle with its centre in the middle of pattern and its circumference going through the indicated intersection points.

Construct a circle with its centre in the middle of the pattern and its circumference just touching the bigger triangle.


Now construct three circles of the same size as the previous one, but with their centres on the indicated intersection points.


Three more circles have to be added to finish the reconstruction. They all have their centre at the middle of the pattern. The first circle just touches the three previous constructed circles. The second one just encloses the big triangle and the third circle just fits in the small triangle.


The only thing left to do is picking the right objects or in other words: rubbing out the appropriate lines.


The places where the crop was flattened we colour black. The places where the crop was still standing is left white.