18 July - 25 July 2018  

Magical Adventures Expedition through England 2018
Stonehenge - Avalon - Merlin - Green Man - Avebury - Tolkien - Crop Circles

Adventure Expedition 2018
Travel 8 days through magical and mystical England
Spend eight magical days (seven nights), trekking through mystical southern England, following the Dragon Path in the footsteps of King Arthur and Parsifal, looking for your own personal Holy Grail. Connecting with the ancient Celts, the great magician Merlin, Saint George and his Dragon, the Green Man, and the mysterious crop circles.

From Avebury, via the West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill and the Sanctuary to the mythical island of Avalon.
To the Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well, White Spring, the Holy Thorn and the Tor.
From Dragon Hill near Uffington and the Circle of Kings, to the Cathedrals of Salisbury and Stonehenge.
All these power places are brimming with otherworldly energy and are saturated with ancient wisdom.
They will whisper to you their ancient secrets and knowingness from the past - to help you, on your personal quest.
I invite you to travel with us to England bringing your personal questions, and let the unfolding of your personal quest begin.
After this tour your life will never be the same again.

How to sign up

Your guides will be award winning author and researcher Bert Janssen
and life coach and senzar shaman of the Inka tradition Heather Clewett (website)

Send an email to bertjanssen555@hotmail.com for more information.

Crop circles?
Although this is not a specific crop circle tour, we will visit any circle that crosses our path.
This is what the tour will look like...
Day 0
Arrival at the hotel. After checking in, we will enjoy a dinner, during which we will get better acquainted with each other. Who is in the group? What motivated you to come on this expedition?
Day 1 - Wiltshire, Avebury and the Stone Avenue
After a traditional English breakfast, Bert Janssen and Heather Clewett, will introduce you to the fascinating world of ancient sites, dragon paths, leylines, landscape geometries, remote viewing and shamanic seeing.
Avebury Avebury

In short: Welcome To Wiltshire!
Avebury Avebury
Avebury Avebury

After that we will visit Avebury, where we will experience the magic of this majestic Neolithic World Heritage monument. Avebury is a power place of unparalleled magnitude. Literally.
Avebury Avebury

The 5000 years old stone circle measures 333 meters in diameter and initially contained 600 standing stones, 98 of which are still left. Avebury is bigger, older and regarded by many more powerful than Stonehenge.
Avebury Avebury

In Avebury you will be tutored by the expert guidance of Master Dowsers Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor to discover the unknown powers of the 5000-year-old stone circle. Busty and Maria are the authors of Avebury: Sun, Moon and Earth. They will initiate you into the different power spots in Avebury and teach you how to identify these power places yourself and how to interact with them.
Avebury Avebury

We will also explore the church of Avebury and the Stone Avenue, and will of course pay a visit to the famous and magical 'Tolkien Tree'. The tree where J.R.R. Tolkien would many times sit down to connect to the ´Otherworld´ and find inspiration for his 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy.
Day 2 - Ceremony and the Uffington Complex
Today we start with a shamanic ceremony, with the intention to make this tour a flawless success.
After that we will travel to the Uffington Complex.
Avebury Avebury

3000 plus year ago, a white horse, probably a dragon, was carved into a hillside just South of Uffington. It is particularly intriguing that the 375-foot-long enigmatic figure is only recognizable from the air. It seems like the 'Dragon' is guarding over Dragon Hill.
graancirkels vliegen graancirkels vliegen

There is an ancient persistent legend that St George defeated a mighty Dragon on Dragon Hill, and that where the dragon’s blood spilled on the hill those many moons ago, no grass has grown since. Of course, St George, did not slay the dragon. He only tamed the dragon, becoming a “Dragon Master”. He tamed his own inner dragons and became master of the external dragons. He became master of space, time, and matter.
graancirkel graancirkel

About a mile to the southwest of Dragon Castle lies the tomb of Wayland the Smith. Wayland Smithy is the keeper of another exciting legend about Alchemy and Magical Powers. Wayland the Smith was in possession of a magical ring which was later stolen by a powerful and mean-spirited King. J.R.R. Tolkien, who lived an hour from the Dragon Castle at Uffington, drew inspiration from this ancient saga to create his famous book, 'The Lord of the Rings'.
graancirkel graancirkel

On top of Dragon Hill, following in the footsteps of St George, we will learn to tame our inner dragons so we can resist the Ring of Wayland. Although the Ring gave ultimate power, it also caused the ring-bearer to be more and more trapped in the material world.
Day 3 - Glastonbury (Avalon)
On the mythical island of Avalon – now known as Glastonbury - the veil between the worlds is still thin. It is in this most holy of sacred places where you can easily activate the magic of your own inner Alchemy. In Avalon, you can feel how Heaven and Earth breathe into and through each other. This is the ancient dance of creation where Spirit and Matter interrelate. It is ‘Squaring the Circle’ and ‘Circling the Square.’

Two great legends live on the Isle of Avalon. The legend of Joseph of Arimathea who brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury, and the legend of King Arthur, who devoted his whole life to finding the Holy Grail and who was after his death buried on Avalon.
Glastonbury Abbey Glastonbury Tor

In Glastonbury we will meet the very experienced investigator Anthony Thorley. Anthony will unveil for us the mysterious secrets of Avalon. He will introduce you to the power of Michael and Mary ley lines and how they meander through the Abbey, the world’s first Christian church.
After the Abbey, we will climb the Tor. This is a magical hill of wisdom and power where the Michael and Mary ley lines circumnavigate each other. The lore says that the Tor conceals the entrance to other worlds and dimensions.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

We will also experience the mystical qualities of Chalice Well and its gardens.
Rumour has it that the Holy Grail lays hidden in this well.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

In between, there will be time to explore the intriguing shops of Glastonbury which contribute to the mystery of the town. This visit of Avalon, which some call the New Jerusalem, will be etched into your memory for ever.
Day 4 - The Stargate of Alton Priors
In Alton Priors is a very curious church. The church is called All Saints Church and dates from the 12th century.
Avebury Avebury

In the floor there are a number of hatches giving access to Sarsen stones. These are the same stones used to build Stonehenge and Avebury. The presence of the Sarsen stones suggests that the location where Alton Priors church currently sits, has long been regarded as sacred, and hides an unknown secret. The 1700 year old Yew tree next to the church gives power to this suggestion. The locals say this little church was built over a circle, of once standing Sarsen stones exactly like those used at Avebury and Stonehenge.
graancirkel graancirkel

In the little Alton Priors church, there is one more puzzling item that makes the church so curious. There is a mysterious bronze plaque. The plaque is full of symbolism, which has been studied in depth by several researchers in England and many believe that the plaque is talking about a Stargate. We will share with you the most recent intriguing discoveries about this plaque. As well as assisting you to understand how the lay of the landscape outside the church relates to the bronze plaque inside the church.
graancirkel graancirkel

We will use the information encoded on the bronze plaque, to find new and more answers.
Day 5 - Stonehenge and Salisbury
Today we travel to Stonehenge and Salisbury. Around 4500 years ago, the construction of Stonehenge was started. Since then, this Neolithic Cathedral has maintained all of its original power.
Stonehenge Stonehenge

The standing Sarsen stones came from the mysterious area of Marlborough Downs which is 20 miles north of Stonehenge. The Bluestones came from Preseli Hills in Wales, which is about 250 miles away from Stonehenge. These stones have many stories to tell. They have been accumulating wisdom for eons from ceremonies, cosmic downloads and more. The vast amount of Knowledge, energy, and intention that went into the design and construction of Stonehenge is forever locked into the core essence of each stone. This essence is seeable, tangible, and usable by all who can hear the whisperings of the ‘Stone People’. These awe-inspiring stones saturated with history and stories are willing to tell - to share - their accumulated knowledge and wisdom with you.
Stonehenge Stonehenge

On our way to Salisbury we will visit Woodhenge. This ancient site served during the Bronze Age as a similar function to Stonehenge. Woodhenge looks small, but the powers and energy present are enormous and can easily be felt by those who know how to 'listen'.
Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury has one of the most majestic Cathedrals of England. Every decoration, inside and outside, is focused on bringing the visitor into a receptive state of higher consciousness by activating all of their senses. Seeing the geometries, the images, and colors. Hearing the overwhelming acoustics and sometimes otherworldly-sounds from the bells, singing, organ, and along with the sweet smell of incense. We will experience all of this first hand.
Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

All the senses are addressed. Seeing the architectural geometries and the colors of the stained glass windows. Hearing the awe inspiring acoustics. The smell of incense. The taste of the intense atmosphere and feeling the unprecedented spiritual energies altogether allows for an altered state to be reached.
Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

We will also go to St Thomas Church. This church is a real treasure trove almost bursting at the seams with it’s alchemical and esoteric symbolism, coded wisdom, knowledge, and insights. Our learned tracking skills will come in very handy at these intriguing and mysterious places.
Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

In Salisbury you will again get plenty of opportunity to explore the town by yourself.
Day 6 - Avebury Complex
Today we will spend the whole day in the so called Avebury Complex or Serpent Temple.
We will explore Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Adam and Eve Stones, the Sanctuary, Circle of Kings, etc. All power places of unprecedented strength and might.
graancirkel graancirkel

Silbury Hill is a 4500 year old manmade hill. Although nothing is known about her purpose, she undeniable dominates the surrounding landscape. Many sightings have been done on and close by the hill. Ranging from balls of light, UFO's and even otherworldly beings. It is always a very astounding sensation to feel her energy close up.
graancirkel graancirkel

After our experience with Silbury Hill we will perform a ceremony inside the West Kennet Long Barrow. Silbury Hill and the West Kennet Long Barrow are two of the most intense power places in the whole of Wiltshire.
Silbury Hill West Kennet Long Barrow

Today we will also go to the mystical Swallowhead Springs, as well as the mysterious Adam and Eve Stones where several earth energy lines connect.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

This is not only going to be a magical and mystical day, but also a day of learning and especially laughing.
graancirkel graancirkel

At the end of the day, during a well deserved dinner, we will be celebrating all the magic and mysteries of the last few days.
diner diner diner diner diner

Dag 7
Close of the magical and mystical expedition. You will be filled with many more questions than when you started this expedition. Let us therefore remember the brilliant words of Rainer Maria Rilke, “live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer…”
graancirkel afscheid

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More Magic...
During the week we will visit many additional places that don't have a fixed spot in the itinerary.
Glastonbury Abbey Glastonbury Tor

Like for instance the intriguing church of Bishops Cannings, where you can find the Hand of God.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

A visit to the White Horse Inn.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

An other perspective on the Otherworld.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

Merlin's Mound (the grave of Merlin) in Marlborough and the Devils Den.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

Picnicking and relaxing after the many overwhelming impressions.
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Glastonbury Chalice Well

More magic and mysteries.

Crop circle Crop circle

And ... crop circles (if they cross our path).

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the Total Experience
Ultimately, it is the total experience of this tour that counts. Seeing the cross-connections, while feeling and absorbing the wisdom woven through them.
Regardless of whether it is Silbury Hill, or the West Kennet Long Barrow;
Dragon Hill, or the Stone Avenue;
Golden Ball Hill, or the Tor;
Windmill Hill, or Chalice Well;
The Cathedral of Salisbury, or the one of Stonehenge.

They reach out for your hand. They are waiting for you.
They are ready to help you discover your true self by reminding you that a trip to the Power Places of southern England is a journey into the power spots within yourself!

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the Alexandra House Hotel
During our magical and mystical tour you do not want to miss even the smallest detail. Each component is enormously valuable. Each particle, however small, can help on your own inner journey. It may even be decisive. Therefore, we have chosen to stay in the best possible location.

This means seven nights lodging with a full English breakfast each morning, in the luxurious Alexandra House Hotel, where you have available to you several bars, an indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool, work out facility, walking trails, and many more things which are needed after a long day in the fields. You can be assured that every day you will awaken feeling refreshed, excited and ready for the new adventures awaiting you.

How to sign up

The 2018 tour is now FULLY BOOKED.

Please, send an email to bertjanssen555@hotmail.com and we will keep you up-to-date on our
Magical and Mystical Tour to England in 2019.

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