Quantum physics states that the observer effects the outcome of what he or she is observing. Shamans say it is possible to see what you are describing, as opposed to describing what you are seeing. The world that we see is a place where nothing seems to be as it appears to be.

My remarkable out-of -the-box observations in the fields of crop circles and geometry, of ancient sites and shamanism, of the Gothic Cathedrals and the Great Pyramid, and in the quantum fields of science, has altered my perception of reality forever.
Remote Viewing, Shamanic seeing and especially MetaTracking, have helped me tremendously with this process over and over again.

Everyday I am seeing with newer eyes and I am hearing with newer ears.

Bert Janssen at the Milk Hill white horse near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire

Articles and Publicatios
Beside my books (see here), I have written many articles that have been published in numerous magazines. I intend to publish these articles also on my website. Here is a start:

Doorway to the Otherworld
Taming Dragons

Remote Viewing, Shamanic seeing and MetaTracking
Remote Viewing is a structured and trainable mental process that assists the conscious mind to gain direct access to subconscious parts of the mind. It brings information which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface and objectifies it. It transcends the conscious mind and gains access to intuitions, subtle senses, and perceptions. The connection between Remote Viewing and Shamanism is very interesting.
The term ‘shaman’ has been adapted from the Tungus people of Siberia meaning ‘one who sees in the dark’. Using techniques such as journeying, the shaman travels outside of space and time to seek information and harness energy for balance and wholeness.
Combining the two, remote viewing and shamanic seeing, generates a tool of immense power, which elevates viewing and seeing to a whole new level. It takes you way beyond ‘seeing what is in a sealed envelope’ or ‘viewing a place on Earth you have never been to’.
This combined tool is called MetaTracking and it has helped me beyond words with seeking and finding answers to the many questions I came across during my countless adventures.

Who is observing who?
When I first encountered crop circles, I was intrigued right from the start. It was only much later that I realized that crop circles are the perfect example of a mystery that reflects every aspect of those who research and study it.
When I started studying crop circles, I had many questions and I was more or less in a state of awe. After that came a period that I felt the urge to analyze, to dissect, to turn everything inside out. Followed by a phase in my life that I wanted the world to know about the crop circles. I became a crop circle teacher. Then, years later, an inner knowing grew inside of me. An inner knowing that the mystery was so much bigger then I had previously realized, and that I was just starting to scratch the surface of it.
All stages – awe, analyzing, teaching, inner knowing - were telling a lot about me. While I was transforming through all these different stages, the phenomenon did not change at all. It merely mirrored back my state of being. In a way I was observing myself!

early reflections on crop circles and more
My early work is drenched in awe (see the DVD ‘What on Earth is Going On?’) and analyzing (see my book ‘Crop Circle Geometry and Reconstructions’).
- my early crop circle geometry
- my early crop circle reconstructions

later reflections
My later work is mainly published on my website Crop Circles and More.
The articles are published under the headings Geometries and Thoughts.
You will notice that the picture is so much bigger then just crop circles. There is a much greater context. In the end there is no difference between the crop circles, Gothic Cathedrals, the Great Pyramid or the knowledge of the ancient Wisdom Keepers of South America. They all serve the same purpose. They all are windows to a deeper understanding, to inner knowing, to gnosis. My articles reflect this.
Take for instance the landscape geometry around Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. The connection to the Great Pyramid and the connection to CERN in Geneva. Or the Secret and Sacred Architecture I observed. And what to think of the relationship between Squaring the Circle and the Mayas? Or the very intriguing discoveries I made at Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. Read The last Secret of Stonehenge and read The last Secret of Silbury Hill. And ... the Key of Life.
And my recent study of the Philosopher’s Stone has led to some intriguing discoveries.

And then there is of course my mind-provoking thriller Sophia's Egg.
A fascinating, suspenseful, fast paced story based on Gnostic insights, with the question whether or not God does exists as central theme, and what we subsequently can do with the answer.

photographic reflections
There is this place called the ‘edge of chaos’, from complexity theory, that I source from when I am taking pictures. In this place, I become One with the camera and the image I am photographing.
This ‘edge of chaos’ is the magical point of creativity, inspiration, and awe, and all of this being wrapped up, curled up into one photograph. It is the point between the manifest and the unmanifest – between the permanent and the impermanent.
It is on this ‘edge of chaos’ that I can see the manifest, and yet be informed at the same time by the voice of the unmanifest – the voice that sparked the manifest into being. This essence of timelessness I capture in all my photos.

I invite you to step outside of time, and view my images from the ‘edge’.
For instance my powerful crop circle photos.

These photos are also for sale. See Products

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